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More than 30 years of experience behind us

The company Gote S.A. was founded in 1984 by Miguel López with the intention of offering the most innovative electronic products.  After 33 years of experience, by the moment we are expanding and we have two offices, one in Valencia and another one in Zaragoza, besides a logistics center in Requena (Valencia).

In recent years, we have worked hard to offer the best technological solutions in our four business areas thanks to the extensive experience accumulated by our personnel in the electronics field.

Gote, through its Gtlan, Gtled, Gotebike and Gtpool brands, has become a national reference manufacturer in telecommunications, led lighting, electric vehicles and manufacturing residential water purification and cleaning systems.

Our commercial activity is developed through distribution, we firmly believe in traditional sales channels, in which technical expertise and knowledge is made available to final customers.

We are a reliable, sustainable and respectful with the environment company. We are committed to preserve our ecosystem and improve our environment.  This is how we are accredited by different national and international quality certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IQNet).